Sunshine Window Cleaning is a service of Sunshine Cleaning Services, a leader in the northern Nevada cleaning industry — with expertise on a wide range of commercial, industrial, educational and residential facilities, and a solid, well-deserved Reno business reputation.

Window cleaning

Let us brighten your windows and brighten your day! When we professionally clean your windows you can clearly see the difference. Our window cleaning technicians take pride in their work, leaving your windows spot-free and streak-free. Our window cleaning solution is biodegradable and safe for all types of glass. We're also happy to perform water stain and pain removal at an additional cost.

Screen cleaning

To maintain your clean windows it's important to have screens cleaned at the same time. Our technicians know how to properly remove, clean — with our safea and biodegradable cleaning solution — and reinstall your screens safely. We recommend doing this twice a year.

Water stain removal

Hard water stains — caused by mineral deposits — often form on windows when exposed to lawn sprinkler overspray. These stains cause a film to build up, which can permanently etch your window glass if not removed. We can safely remove these stains with a special cleaning compound made specifically for water stain removal, eliminating expensive window replacement.

Gutter cleaning

It's important that gutters be cleaned and free of debris. Clogged gutters and downspouts can impede proper water drainage. In winter, ice dams can form, resulting in damage to roof shingles — which in turn can cause interior leakage and expensive repair bills. Let us do the ladder work and clean the gutters, ideally in the spring and fall.

Pressure washing

Power washing your home or business can make it look sparkling new again, as well as extending the life of your building's paint. Without washing, dirt and sand accumulate, along with unsightly spider webs. Our technicians are trained to safeul perform the job without damaging fragile stucco or wood materials.

Bird deterrent

Those pesky birds, especially pigeons, are a detriment to your home or business. See more about our Bird Busters bird damage cleaning and deterrent installation service.


Sunshine Cleaning Services in Reno, Nevada is a full-service, woman-owned, professional cleaning and janitorial company, serving all of northern Nevada — including Carson City and Lake Tahoe — and nearby regions of northern California with a fleet of fully-equipped vans and trucks. Janitors, window cleaning specialists, hard floor and carpet cleaners are all on staff, as well as a professional estimator, and supervisors are on duty day and night.

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